Licensed Sewer Contractor in Los Angeles

Argyll Plumbing & Heating in Los Angeles specializes in Trenchless Sewer Repairs, Copper and PEX Repiping solutions due to slab leaks. Our team of professional plumbers in Los Angeles have serviced the West LA & South Bay areas of Southern California for over 40 years. We are a family owned second generation Los Angeles plumbing company. We are hands on professionals and have built our business upon referrals due to our quality customer service.

Sewer Repairs West Los Angeles CA

Sewer repairs in Los Angeles California call Argyll Plumbing & Heating for a free in sewer pipe video inspection. If your sewers are backing up or leaking we need to get in there and find the problem. Many times Hydro-Jetting will clear out the sewer clog including roots in the sewer pipes but if the issue keeps returning bigger issues may need to be addressed. The sewer inspection will pin point the blockage in the sewer line or find the core issue which could be broken sewer pipe. Our plumbers will fix the sewer drainage issue with the best and latest technologies available. One of the biggest issues with sewer lines is roots intruding into your system causing blockage and breaking the sewer pipes themselves over time. Leak Detection & Waterline Re-Routing in the West Los Angeles & South Bay Areas.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs West Los Angeles CA

Argyll Plumbing & Heating has its own equipment for Trenchless Sewer Repair Equipment … we use no subcontractors to do the sewer repairs so you will get the best price with professionals that are trained in house with the latest technologies and equipment. If your sewer line needs replacement at the very least call our team to get a second option and bid. Let the professionals at Argyll Plumbing & Heating handle all of your residential or commercial needs. We are an established company providing a variety of heating and plumbing services.

Slab Leak Detection & Repairs

In most of Southern California homes and business are constructed on a slab of concrete. Water lines during the construction were laid down and then concrete poured over them. Earth movement or settling can affect or damage the pipes causing water leaks that need to be addressed. The most common issue is the reaction of your water with in the copper piping that causes corrosive pitting. Depending on the chemicals in your water this process of pitting can happen in years not decades.
There are several tell tales signs that may indicate a water leak in the slab. The first step if you think you have a slab leak is to have a leak detection service performed to determine the location and scope of the water leak issue.

Copper or Pex Repiping Solutions

Water lines over time can develop pin holes due to corrosion or crack when the foundation slab buckles or begins settling. Re-routing the water lines maybe the best long term and cheapest solution. Copper has been the most used material for repiping over the years but PEX Pipe has quickly become the better option due to the cost, material durability and flexibility. PEX water pipe is non-metallic and will not corrode or pit like copper so in most cases we will suggest PEX Pipe over Copper Pipe to re-route your hot and cold water lines.

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