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Argyll Plumbing & Heating takes the water shortage problem very seriously and offers several solutions and suggestions to our customers for residential in home water savings. Several cities in Los Angeles County are offering incentives and financing to make changes to you home that will save your household money and water.

Replace Toilets With High Efficiency Models

Replace Your Toilet & Showerhead
If you have an older toilet the range of water usage is between 4-6 gallons with every flush. Compare that to newer high efficiency toilets that use around 1.5 gallons and the water savings start to add up pretty quickly. The average home consumes 45% of its water usage in the bathroom and toilet count for around 28% of that water.

Replace Shower Heads if they Are Not High Efficiency

The average shower head uses 4.2 gallons of water per minute so a 10 minute shower adds up to 42 gallons. By replacing the shower head with new high efficiency models you can cut your water consumption by 30 to 40%.

Gray Water System Installation

Gray Water System Installation
Gray water systems route the water coming from the shower, sinks, dishwasher & washing machines to a holding area for landscape watering usage. The city of Santa Monica and several other cities in Los Angeles have made financing for this available through the HERO PROGRAM for all of these options listed above. Your personal credit is not an issue as this form of financing is attached to the property taxes and transfers with the property.

Ask the professionals at Argyll Plumbing & Heating on how you can save money while saving water.